Here at Aspen Family Chiropractic, your health is of upmost value. We are invested in your wellness and strive to help you to enjoy your most precious asset, your Life! From the very start, with the initial exam, we infuse our state of the art technology with your well-being. You will receive a full neurological scan and X-rays, as well as in depth procurement of orthopedic issues. This examination is valued at $190, however; if you are new to the office, we can get you in for a discounted rate of $125.

We want you healthy and living your Best Life!! We don’t want you worrying about payments every time you come into the office, so we have created two options: pay in full for your treatment OR set up a recurring automatic monthly payment to take care of your treatment! Now you can focus on feeling better and getting back to doing the things you Love!

We have found in the past that most insurance companies will reimburse their customers more quickly and efficiently than a third party provider. If you do want to submit your care to your insurance, please understand that is an agreement between your insurance company and yourself. We will give you everything that you need to make it super simple to submit: you will only need to put the paperwork in the mail to your insurance company. If they decide to cover, they simply reimburse you directly!