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Dr. Mandy Jairell D.C. and her Staff, would all like to thank everyone for their kind words and their support over the years. We appreciate you all and are glad to call you family.

“You guys are awesome!  I feel right at home when I’m there and so does David.  We are feeling healthier and have much less pain and tummy issues. We are so thankful for finding you all!”

~Courtney B. 

“Here is a little something about my experience with AFC: For years I had been experiencing severe neck, back, and knee pain.  I called for a quick adjustment due to severe pain and had just been immobile the day prior.  I was quickly impressed by AFC after I learned about a treatment plan.  After a few months, I am able to do activities I used to limit like jumping, dancing, and chasing after my toddler all day.  I recommended AFC to my family.  Dr. Mandy, Ms. Kate, and Ms. Kristi took the time to build a relationship with my son and he is now comfortable getting adjustments.  Btw, Cody’s massages rock!”
Lilia O.

“Dr. Mandy and Cody have helped me to take care of myself. Genuinely caring people in the whole office.”
~Elizabeth A. 

“I always look forward to my appointments at Aspen Family Chiropractic because all of the staff are so welcoming and have created a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. My appointments have made such a tremendous difference in my life; it is easier to sleep and move without the constant pain in my back and I can truly say that the care that I have received have made all the difference!”

-Scott C.

“To describe my experience at Aspen Family Chiropractic in only a couple of sentences will be a challenge, but I will try my best. When I first started visiting back when I was 15 or 16 years old, you helped me feel human again. I had a horrible hunch that was bad for my health and made me feel like a freak. So for giving back my humanity I thank you. More recently, these visiting have helped me focus on myself and my own personal health, which has been forgotten since I started my education at the University of Wyoming.”

-Matt W.

“My experience at Aspen Family Chiropractic has been outstanding.  I really appreciate how efficient the staff is and how attentive Dr. Mandy is.  I realized just how committed they are to my care when I had a massage and Cody said, “Dr. Mandy and I were talking about how to help you and we want to try something”.  The fact that they were discussing ways to help me really shows just how concerned and committed they all are.  Improving the health of their patients really is their priority.”
-Bill H.

“I was having pretty chronic back pain from my last job, but once I started going to the clinic I quickly noticed a huge difference.  I feel like I have close-to-all the mobility and functionality back.  I’m very thankful to the staff!”
-Charles J. 


“I started going to Aspen Family because I had hip pain and headaches, which was pretty strange since I was only 19! After my treatment was complete, I continued to go to Aspen Family for wellness and I also utilize their massage therapy services. I’m now 22 and couldn’t imagine not having chiropractic care in my life!”
~Jencee R.


“I’m feeling much better after only a few weeks under the care of Aspen Family Chiropractic. Everyone there is great to work with, and Dr. Jairell is an excellent chiropractor. I really look forward to my appointments.”
~Zoe P. 


“I’ve been with AFC since December 2012 and have been taught how to learn different techniques of doing everyday tasks and functions. Dr. Mandy Jairell and her staff continually treat me with the utmost respect as a patient and a friend. All of these ladies are always professional and always willing to take care of my concerns and my needs. I’ve learned so much from all of them and am truly blessed. Thank you all for caring for each and everyone of us.”
Bernie R.


“I was having pretty chronic back pain from my last job, but once I started going to the clinic I quickly noticed a huge difference.  I feel like I have close-to-all the mobility and functionality back.  I’m very thankful to the staff!”
Very Respectfully,
Charles J.


“My experience at Aspen Family Chiropractic has been great. I love the friendly environment. And I like how your treatment is specific to you so that you get the best possible care.”
~Kaycie S.

“Aspen Family Chiropractic has been the best medicine I never knew I needed! I started getting regular adjustments in 2012 after suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain. While I came initially to treat those symptoms, I walked away feeling the best I’ve felt in years, with an array of other issues noticeably improved. For me, the most notable improvement is my immunity. I used to get sick all the time and would catch everything the kids brought home and more. I rarely get sick anymore and I have increased energy. All around, my life has dramatically improved because of my regular wellness care at Aspen Family, and I’m truly thankful for the power of chiropractic!”

~Amber K.

“Aspen Family Chiropractic has been wonderful for me! I am a figure skater, so my back is almost always misaligned. Receiving care has greatly improved my health, range of motion and happiness.”

~Annastacia E.

“Well, I was a winner the day Dr. Mandy, came back to Laramie. I have gone from a guy who every other week was flat on his back due to back pain, shoulder pain and the inability to work.  Dr. Mandy has been such a gift from God for me.  Just Love her.  Thank you Dr. Mandy for you continue care.  PS. No surgery either just Dr. Mandy!”

– John A.

“You’ve helped me so much these past few months. I’ve gone from not sleeping and being in consistent pain to feeling better and sleeping better than I have since my car accident, if not years!

You’re so fun and friendly every time I come in, that it’s almost impossible to leave with a smile and feeling cared for. You listen to my issues and genuinely try to help me feel better and that means so much. You’ve made such a difference in my life, and I will truly never forget it.
Thank you so much for being so awesomely you!”

Dori W.

“Going to Aspen Family Chiropractic is the best decision I could have made. Since starting to go there I can finally walk and sleep without being in pain constantly. And it’s improving every day. Dr. Mandy is a miracle worker.”

-Bill F.

“I was very skeptical when I first came into your office, I had always thought that chiropractors were just a bunch of quacks. I had been to the chiropractor years ago, not just one but two different ones. Both experiences were terrifying and I felt worse when I left. When I came into Aspen Family I had a very negative outlook but was looking for some relief so I laid my negativeness aside and decided I would give you a chance. Thank goodness I did because I have seen and felt great results! I really like how I was given a full initial exam and not just put on the table for a quick adjustment with no concern for my future health. Dr. Mandy is a very compassionate person she listened to my fears and took them into consideration during my treatment. Everyone in the office is so friendly and nice. I will always recommend Aspen Family Chiropractic to everyone I talk to. I could go on & on about all the good things this office has done for my health, but you asked for a couple of sentences and I’m already way past that.  Thank you Dr. Mandy you are an amazing person with a lot of knowledge that you are willing to share with your patients, I know you truly care about your patients!”

~Lori D.

“Chiropractic care at Aspen Family Chiropractic has been a tremendous blessing for me through multiple pregnancies.  I’ve experienced pregnancy without chiropractic care and pregnancy with – and I can’t imagine NOT being under such wonderful care now! Dr. Mandy keeps me feeling amazing and up and running as I chase around my young children. We always look forward to “Dr. Mandy Days” at our house.”

~Jeaniene B.

“Aspen Family Chiropractic is a very friendly place, as well as a place that helps and heals. Awesome staff! I am glad to be part of the clientele.”
Jim E

“What I like most about Dr. Mandy is her treatment of me is based on me.  The testing shows us what is wrong and what should we do about it.  Other doctors I have been to just do the same things over and over without knowing if it really helped the core problem.”

~Marian S.

“Since I started my care with Aspen Family Chiropractic, my low back and neck pain have improved greatly. I rarely get headaches anymore, and I’m much more flexible and comfortable heading into the third trimester of my pregnancy! The entire staff is outstanding – they are friendly, compassionate, and committed to their patients. I love that everyone at the clinic knows exactly who I am and why I’m walking in the door for each visit.”
~Ann S.

“Aspen Family Chiropractic is a Marvelous place!!! Coming here has made my life wonderful! Since coming here I wake refreshed, unbroken and ready for a beautiful day! Thank you!! Also Dr. Mandy’s staff is totally awesome!”

~Rebecca S.

“When I first got started with Aspen Family Chiropractic my spine was hurting twenty-four seven and ever since that day I have not had any problems with my spine. I like coming to see everybody and I like being a special spine agent.”
Love Kolton D.

Going to see Dr. Mandy at Aspen Family Chiropractic was the best decision I have made this year! I am feeling so much much physically and mentally. Dr. Mandy and her staff and so friendly, they make you feel right at home!

~Emily L. 

 “Starting in my early 20’s I would yearly suffer from 1-2 episodes of severe debilitating back and neck pain lasting 1-3 weeks. I never knew what movement would trigger pain or when it would happen, I just lived with it. After several years like this I also started to get electric shooting pains down my thighs that progressed to a daily occurrence and multiple times a week my arms would become numb during sleep.      Worried about long term damage I started seeing Dr. Mandy. After several weeks of frequent treatment the shooting pains and numb arms resolved. And I have not had any episodes of debilitating pain since! Dr. Mandy taught me how to listen to my body and if anything is not normal I alert Dr. Mandy to it and she addresses it at my wellness visits before the pain becomes a problem. I cannot imagine life with out chiropractic! I am very thankful for Dr. Mandy and her wonderful staff.”

~Kelly J.

“Really!  How did I get so lucky!!  So my feelings about chiropractic care and Aspen Family Chiropractic can be summed up into one word….RELIEF!  Not only for myself, but my children as well.  We can’t wait to come in for our adjustments!  Being a busy mom who never stops (literally) and doing CrossFit usually 5 days a week I feel so much better after my adjustments and my children do as well.  I couldn’t imagine what kind of a mess I’d be if I didn’t come in twice a month!!”

~Jonie M. 

“When I first came to Aspen Family Chiropractic I was unable to walk well or even stand.  I felt like I was always going to have to deal with chronic pain from sciatica and other issues.  Dr. Mandy did my x-ray and exam and really took the time to explain the things she was seeing, she answered every question knowledgeably and developed a plan to get me back to health.  I also began bringing my son in and haven’t needed to take him to a doctor, beyond checkups, in about 2 years.  About three years ago I started this journey and now everyone here feels like family. I can honestly say coming to Aspen Family Chiropractic was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

~ Stacey E

“I absolutely adore Aspen Family Chiropractic. When I first started seeing Dr. Mandy I was so discouraged with my neck pain, and couldn’t see and end in sight, it was consuming my life. Thanks to her and the team I have made more progress than I could have hoped for and feel so much happy and healthier. You guys are truly amazing.”

~Mary L.

“I love Aspen Family Chiropractic. Thanks to Dr. Mandy and her fabulous staff I no longer suffer from dizzy spells. Now I can pursue my dream of break-dancing.”
-Ben S. 


“My lower back and neck have really improved since I came to Aspen Family Chiropractic.”

-Dennis C.

Well since I started going to see Doc Mandy my general quality of life has improved. I have hardly any headaches now and I stand straighter (I have had several people comment on that). I can always count on a good laugh, conversation, or a small while I am there. And always leave feeling better then when I arrive” 

~Lauriel S.


“Aspen Family Chiropractic has given me relief. When I started a little over a month ago I couldn’t stand, walk, or sleep without pain. Now I have relief and can enjoy playing with my kids again.  The staff is amazing. Thank you for this wonderful journey.”
~Tammy A


“My chiropractic experiences have been a life saver for me in making me feel well once again. Just a simple tweaking can make a huge difference. Aspen Family chiropractic’s staff is awesome and a great fit for the office.”
-Karen F.


“Chiropractic care helped improve my fire. Removing pain from normal everyday activities and allowing me to have a higher quality of life by helping in activities that I enjoy.”

-Seth W. 

Aspen Family Chiropractic is wonderful. I am pain free and feel great because of the wonderful care. Everyone at Aspen Family Chiropractic is caring and kind.”

~Mary F.

“My experience with Aspen Family Chiropractic is one of the best in the word the staff there is so friendly and helpful when I have had to change appointment and work with me with no ? Asked. Life changing yes it has been a life changing for me from the day I got injured with my right knee Mandy was a life saver on getting things back aligned after all my surgeries on my knee.
And when I had a trach tube put in may of last year Mandy was right there helping with my pain and adjusting my neck and back the best she could to relieve the pain and discomfort. I will be having the plate in my neck removed at C7 and a new one put in from C7-4  fused together here soon and Dr. Mandy and her staff will assist and help me in every way possible after my surgery to Aline things back up after being in the hospital. If it was not for Dr. Mandy and her staff I  would not be walking or doing stuff that I do today.  Her staff and clinic has an A plus in my book.”
-Jeffary N.


“Everyone at the chiropractor is welcoming and I get excited for coming in and getting help from Dr. Mandy. Treatments are quick and easy and as they continue, I have been able to perform my best at the activities I participate in.”

~Abigail W.


“I originally visited the clinic because I was experiencing sharp pain in my left shoulder.  I did have my doubts about going. Mainly because some of my family members said I would be wasting my money.  However, my boss and friend, whom I trust, recommend Dr. Mandy so I made the decision to try it out. I was ran through a series of tests to see how my spine was looking in relationship to my body.  Then we began the adjustments.  I took about 2 months of regular adjustments before I really noticed a difference in my shoulder pain.  Now, I feel great most days and I credit Dr. Mandy for this relief.” 

~Tasha B.

“Wow!  After all this time!  Aspen Family Chiropractic Clinic has made a wonderful change in my life since I have been seeing Mandy and her wonderful staff.  The old constant pain from fibromyalgia, spine injuries, and Lyme disease has become a thing of the past. My body is doing super now…when I have a bad day it doesn’t last.  My weekly visits to Mandy make it possible to function without the constant pain I was so used to having.  The office staff is caring and I enjoy seeing everyone during my visit.”

~Brenda L.

“Before going to Aspen Family Chiropractic, I suffered from a chronic sore neck and upper back issues.  After initial treatments to “straighten” me out, a regular maintenance program has kept me in good “shape.”  My general comfort has been much improved because of the excellent chiropractic management from Aspen Family Chiropractic.”
-Michael B. 


“Aspen Family Chiropractic has helped me incredibly, increasing not only my entire range of motion, but also improving my overall health. Aspen Family Chiropractic is a friendly, inviting place, and I recommend them to all my family and friends.”

~Adrianna T.

“I have always been somewhat informed on chiropractic care due to the fact that my uncle is a practicing chiropractor in New York. I have had my fair share of drop in appointments all over town but never had  an experience like the one at Aspen Family Chiropractic. I feel like a friend each and every time I walk in the front door and that is truly something to be appreciated. I have had joint problems in my knee for years yet, upon mentioning it, Dr. Mandy worked her chiro-magic and the pain was gone immediately. What a wonderful feeling!


Thank you Aspen Family Chiropractic!”

– Joe F.

“Before seeing Dr. Mandy I had horrible headaches and could not sleep or relax because of them. So thanks to coming to the chiropractor, now I can sleep and relax. Thank you guys!”

~Zoe B.

“Before seeing the chiropractor I was not able to sleep continuously through the night. I also had many problems with my hips and mobility was not as great as it should have been. So I came to see Dr. Mandy and now I can sleep throughout the night without waking up in pain! I am more mobile than I thought I would be. She was also a blessing to see during my pregnancy.”

~Sonja B.

“Between Lewiston, Id and Laramie I have been a patient of Chiropractic care for about 30 years.  Since coming to Aspen Family Chiropractic it is a great experience to walk in and see happy smiling faces and Dr. Mandy’s wonderful touch to keep my back healthy.  I always feel better and have a wonderful nap when I get home.”

~Cathy F.

“The changes that I have noticed since starting my visits with Dr. Mandy are few but important to me.  The first thing that I notice after a visit is that I get a better night’s sleep, how sweet that is.  I also have more energy, which makes the critters at my house very happy.  I appreciate that Dr. Mandy listens to me and makes adjustments that are appropriate for what ails me; neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, you get the idea.  An added bonus is the way the staff makes you feel welcome the minute you walk in the door.”

~Sharon J.

“Chiropractic has changed my life because it allows me to take measures other than medicine to help my body.  For example, when I have colds or sore muscles being adjusted helps me heal quicker.”

~Karen M.

“When I started chiropractic care I thought I was going to need surgery on my shoulder. Chiropractic not only changed this but also decreased the amount of pain I’m in every day and made my quality of living much better. Besides this I’ve also become more aware of my body’s alignment.”

~Laramie W.

“I have been a long-time user of Chiropractic and was thrilled to find Dr. Mandy when I moved to Laramie. She corrected all my problems from a car crash and has been keeping me in fine shape with regular tune-ups ever since. I always look forward to my visits to the clinic and the smiling faces waiting for me there.”

-Dane S. 

“After coming to Dr. Mandy for the past 6 weeks, I feel so much better!. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until she started working on me.
I had no idea how a particular part of your spine would effect a certain body part or function. I not only notice a difference in my bones and muscles, but in my stomach and vision as well
I had no idea how a particular part of your spine would effect a certain body part or function. I not only notice a difference in my bones and muscles, but in my stomach and vision as well
I believe I am more aware of when I do not feel 100% and can pinpoint better, the area that needs to be adjusted.
Thanks to all the Ladies at Aspen Family Chiropractic, you are the best!”
~Jackie P

“I would have to say that chiropractic adjustments have generally been helpful and pain relieving. However, my experience with you and your practice has helped tremendously with my back problems.  I would like to thank you and appreciate your methods of chiropractic adjusting.”

-Clint Z.

"Last year at this time I thought I had to live with neck pain but Dr. Mandy fixed me. Thank you so much!"

~Kandi F.  

“I truly feel that Dr. Mandy has gone above and beyond for me during these last few months. Not only does she adjust me so my body feels great but she’s always willing to sit down and calm my nerves and anxieties about child birth and delivery. She is so knowledgeable about the human body and able to explain every ache and pain I’ve had and is able to fix it immediately. I’m so grateful to have had her support and encouragement during my pregnancy. All of the staff had made me feel so comfortable and they seem genuinely excited to meet my little baby!!
Thanks Aspen Family!!”

             ~Jamie C.

     “Chiropractic has helped me tremendously! I have fewer headaches, less back pain, I get more sleep at night, and I feel less anxious. I absolutely love Dr.Mandy and her amazing staff! The office is so warm and welcoming. I actually look forward to my appointment each week.”   

             -Shelby W.

     "The chiropractor helps me feel better and gives me a better quality and a better life. Doctor Mandy is a wonderful person and makes me feel happy every time I see her. At Aspen Family Chiropractic the staff is amazing and works with us. I always feel welcomed in the office and it is always decorated. Aspen Family Chiropractic is a wonderful place because they try to keep everyone happy and feeling the best."

~Piper H.

“What chiropractic has done for Ali….

The biggest thing chiropractic care has done for my child is likely giving Mommy peace of mind! After a few really good baby bonks where I was sure she separated the bones in her head causing permanent damage to her brain, Dr. Mandy assured me that I hadn’t damaged my baby. Or even when I thought she dislocated a major bone that would then grow abnormally and I’d be the mother that caused her to have a distorted toe, or worse that lil’ bonk that I paid no mind to would end up shifting her spine and causing her to have future issues with her health! Despite my worries, I am confidently assured that Dr. Mandy’s routine check ups for my bonk-prone kid will keep her body growing properly straight in line, as well as prevent any issues that can stem from impingements and subluxations of the spine. Yes, things may come and go and issues may arise in the future that will surely be greater than a distorted toe, but knowing that I took preventative (and yes, occasional corrective) measures when she was and is so young is a confidence I can’t place a value on. ”

~Shaunna B.

“I use to think chiropractic was a hoax but my back was so bad I needed to do something. Dr. Mandy proved me wrong and now I feel great.”

-Aaron V.

“Chiropractic care has enabled me to continue to do the things I enjoy without the discomfort that I felt prior to my treatments.  The crew at Aspen Family Chiropractic have all made it a very enjoyable experience to come in for treatments.Thank You All!”

-Andy F. 

“Dr. Mandy and her staff have made my first chiropractic experience awesome!! I love the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. I enjoy reading the little informational tidbits Dr. Mandy has posted on the walls it’s a fun way she engages with her clients.”

~Natasha S.

“I have never visited a chiropractor before and never thought I would, however, all of that changed when I learned about Dr. Mandy Jairell. I was looking for an alternative way to help with my back issue and she is it! Dr. Jairell is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and has the magic touch!”

~Tracey P. 

“I love Dr. Mandy and her staff. Seeing them on a regular basis has made such a difference in my life. I feel better, move better, have better range of motion, and I am so much happier! I recommend chiropractic to everyone. My daughter and granddaughter are excited to become clients at Aspen Family Chiropractic.”

~Naomi N.

” This was the first time I have ever been to a chiropractor. I can feel the difference in my body. Dr. Mandy made me feel comfortable from the very first visit. Everyone at Aspen Family is very friendly.
I have recommended Dr. Mandy to several people, I hope they go in and see her.”

-Walter T. 

“Aspen Family Chiropractic has changed my life. When I first started my visits I felt 100 years older. After just a few visits I regained my energy and my excitement for life returned. Thank you for all you have done:)”

~Michelle H. 

“The service at Aspen Family Chiropractic is wonderful! Everyone is professional, yet like a happy family. That alone makes the experience a positive one, but I have to say, I feel better and better with every visit. Since a very young age I have been dealing with constant pain… lower back, shoulder, neck, and frequent head aches. Some due to injury, but most simply from constant stress and long hours of work. I learned to put the pain in the background and live with it. It’s been three weeks since beginning treatment with Dr. Mandy and the back pain has all but disappeared and the head aches are getting fewer and fewer.”

-Chris R. 

“Walk through the door and I’m greeted by Kristi, she says “take a seat” and hands a clipboard to me.
She got a smile on her face and a phone in her ear, then she lets me know that my turn is near.
She says “bay number 2” in her southern accent, I stand up and away I’m sent.
I get to bay 2 and I Hang up my hat, kick my shoes off and lay on my back. Mandy comes in and asks “what ails you”?  I got a long list, might take a minute or two.
My atlas is out, I got a cramp in my gut, my eyes are all blurry, I got a crack in my butt.
My back is all crooked, and I got a hang nail, got a squeaky hip and my chest is all frail.
Mandy says no prob, this will only take a sec, she grabs a hold of my head, and pops my neck.
She flips me over on my front, and pushes on my spine. She says “we’re all done and now you’re doing fine”.
I stand up and my hang nail is gone, do a full body check and nothing else is wrong.
Now I’m feeling great, I’m no longer sick, thanks to the staff at Aspen Family Chiropractic!!!!!!

-John P.

“Each member of my family has benefited from going to Aspen Family Chiropractic for different reasons. My husband had a sports injury and surgery rehab, my infant had ear infections and trouble swallowing, and I had a chronic neck problem. Each situation has improved dramatically and is unexpected ways. While Dr. Mandy uses different techniques than we were used to in other chiropractic treatments, we all saw the advantages to a more all-encompassing approach, instead of just treating what is the most obvious. the quality of life has improved for all us.”

~Kassy S. 

“I used to be plagued with heart burn and back pain constantly. Time had definitely taken its toll on me. But…as soon as I started seeing Dr. Mandy, all of the issues I had started to fade away. The staff at Aspen Family Chiropractic is great and they always put a smile on my face. I never realized how good I could feel and it’s all thanks to them. 

To quote the Kid President, 

“If it doesn’t make the world better- don’t do it.”

Well Dr. Mandy makes the world better for everybody.”

-Robin L. 

“Most people think you need to see a chiropractor for immediate injuries like slipping in the shower, falling on ice or getting mowed down by an unsafe driver. People who work at a desk and on a computer most of their day are also at risk for injury. Dr. Mandy has helped me with my back, hip and arm pain. After a long day at a computer and making dozens of phone calls my arms would fall asleep and I would walk to my vehicle like I had ridden a horse for 16 hours. Now after work I have more energy and I am able to walk the Green Belt with my children. Thank you Aspen Family Team!”

~Andrea S. 

“Aspen Family Chiropractic is a caring, friendly clinic with a very positive atmosphere. Since starting treatments, the pain in my back is much improved. Not only is the Doc skilled at adjusting, but she is a wealth of knowledge. I really appreciate her and her entire staff in helping to restore my health.”

~Barbara J.

“I was very leery of trying Chiropractics but I am able to move more freely than I have in years. I worked in my flower beds the other day and for the first time I was able to get up and move without pain, when I was finished. I LOVE the friendly warm feeling that you receive every time you enter the office.”

~Deb G.

“I love coming to Aspen Family Chiropractic! Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Prior to beginning treatment I had many chronic issues that have all been resolved during my time here.”

-Mike N.

“Aspen Family Chiropractic is a welcoming place and I am glad to be coming here.”

-Sheldon W. 

“I started coming to Aspen Family Chiropractic after I saw such a dramatic improvement in our infant daughter even though I wasn’t sure that I had very much wrong with me. After the first treatment I noticed that a mild headache that I didn’t know I had was gone.

I used to catch colds pretty frequently due, in part, to some sinus issues. After Dr. Mandy started straightening me out, my colds have been less frequent and less severe. My hay fever is also reduced.

I once explained to a friend that a course of treatments such as those Dr. Mandy offers is like discovering that you’ve gone a mile down the wrong trail. Instead of turning around and walking back or just cutting across to the right trail, the spine makes you walk the mile backwards in the same steps. Reversing long standing issues takes time, but Dr. Mandy is there with you the whole way, answering questions and guiding. She makes walking backwards a lot easier.”

-Tim B. 

“The care that I have received from Dr. Mandy has really improved my hip issue and made the activities that I do less painful. All the staff is very helpful and friendly.”

~Merrilee H. 

“In the last few months of my pregnancy, Dr. Mandy was able to keep me well adjusted and relaxed. It made a huge difference!”

~Jennifer N.

“Dr. Mandy has improved my attitude, my posture, my pain, my flexibility, my entire out look on life, and I love coming into her office to get adjusted and happy!”

~Karen M. 

“With Dr. Mandy’s help my arms no longer ‘go to sleep’ when I’m sleeping and that my legs are no longer ‘restless’!”

~ Kelly J. 

“Dr. Mandy has given my son his health back. And he is in even better health now then he was before he started his treatment!”

~Michelle R.

“Dr. Mandy has been able to help me to move and work with little to no knee or lower back pain.”


~Rose B.

“I have been with Aspen Family Chiropractic for several years now, and have learned a lot. Not only about how my body works, but communication and listening. Dr. Mandy and her staff have ALWAYS been caring and friendly, even when I wasn’t. I’ll be entering the Wellness Program in a few weeks and am looking forward to learning from that as well.” 

~Laura F.

“A year ago I came into Aspen Family Chiropractic in chronic pain and terrified of treatment. I was welcomed like family and treated with respect. My every question was listened to and explained thoroughly. A year later I’m still family and I’m in the best health I’ve been in for years. There’s nothing like living your life pain free. My family wonders where I get all my energy. I just tell them “Dr. Mandy”!”

~ Carol M.

“There is no one I would trust as a primary care physician for myself and my family the way we have entrusted Dr. Mandy. The health of my entire family has greatly benefited from regular care at Aspen Family Chiropractic. At every appointment I feel like I am part of a family and each of my concerns are always handled appropriately. Thanks Dr. Mandy!”

~Casi C.

“I don’t know where I would be without Dr. Mandy and her lovely office staff…wait I know where I would be…in PAIN.. 

Dr. Mandy has cared for me for the last 2 years. Because of the adjustments I have more movement, flexibility, less headaches, and overall better health!

Thank you for your caring adjustments, knowledge and help Dr. Mandy! Thank you Myiah, Jen and Kristi for taking care of me as well! 

You all are AWESOME!!!!”

~Jessica P.

“Dr. Mandy has been able to help my entire family have better health.”

~Diane C. 

“I believe that I have received excellent care from Aspen Family Chiropractic. I have a long history of back concerns and pain. Having to deal with my back on a daily basis and see how the pain was restricting my life was frustrating. Aspen Family Chiropractic helped me see how routine care is so important to keep my back as healthy as it can be. The staff has always been very friendly and accommodating during those extra times of need. I also appreciate the comprehensive care with evaluations and radiology. It helps confirm my progress and literally shows me the physical improvements in my back. Thank you!”

~Sarah B.

“Dr. Mandy and all of the ladies at Aspen Family Chiropractic have been very helpful in all aspects of my treatment. With their help I am feeling much better and have much improved flexibility and less pain. I would highly recommend these ladies to anyone with spinal and or joint issues.”

-Andy F. 

“With the help of Dr. Mandy I no longer have pain in my arm and have overall better health.”

-Sean F. 

“First and foremost the staff here at Aspen Family Chiropractic are beyond the best. Warm, caring, and knowledgeable they never fail to make me or my young daughter feel right at home. Care wise I feel like a young man again. After only a few visits my chronic neck, back, and hip pain had drastically decreased, my flexibility and mobility have notably increased, and I sleep better than I have in years.  I have never looked forward to medical appointments before, but now my daughter and I look forward to every visit with Dr. Mandy and the entire staff!”

-Sean O.

“Aspen family chiropractic always does their best to make my neck and back feel fabulous. They are always so cheerful and sweet to not only me but to my children! They rock!!”

~Ashleigh T. 

“I am so happy that I found Aspen Family Chiropractic. First and foremost, the treatment I have received under Dr. Mandy’s care is effective. The level of effectiveness is far beyond my expectations. I came to the clinic because I had a long-standing problem with my back. I had planned to ask Dr. Mandy at a later date if she could help me with other aches and pains. I have since found out that all these issues are being concurrently treated as Dr. Mandy adjusts my spine to straighten it. In the four weeks I have been coming to Dr. Mandy, my knees, feet, ankles, wrists, sinuses and, oh-yeah, my spine all feel and function much better. On top of these improvements, my energy is higher, my balance is better, I can easily sit with good posture and my head aches are less severe. I can hardly wait to complete Dr. Mandy’s recommended treatment plan to see how many other “age-related” aches and pains evaporate.

On top of the effective treatment, Dr. Mandy’s clinic is a joy to visit. This same joy is evident on the faces of her other patients I see coming and going during my visits. Dr. Mandy and her staff are professional, caring, informative and fun.  Patients are greeted, not just received. We are engaged through educational contests, informative changing displays, and personal individualized conversations with Dr. Mandy. Being treated at Aspen Family Chiropractic makes me feel cared for, appreciated, and empowered to continue an active life style for the rest of my life.

Thank you for providing such a great resource in Laramie (Go Pokes!).”

~Beth H. 

“Dr. Mandy keeps me feeling good!”

~Leslie M. 

“I am so thankful for Dr. Mandy and the team at Aspen Family Chiropractic!! Being adjusted regularly through this pregnancy has left me feeling amazing. Dr. Mandy’s expertise in prenatal care is incredible and her willingness to explain things as she does them is so helpful. On top of everything else, all of the staff are incredibly loving, friendly, and patient toward my two little ones when they come to the office!!”

~Jeaniene B. 

“I have known Dr. Mandy for many years but seeing her in the clinic makes me appreciate her even more. Dr. Mandy is an amazing person who genuinely cares about me as a person and as a patient. Through our weekly adjustments she has rescued me from feeling so so day after day to feeling good every day! Working with Dr. Mandy has been life changing for me.”

~Mary R. 

“I originally started seeing Dr. Mandy for hip pain and felt better after my first visit. I have continually felt better after each visit. Dr. Mandy and her staff are both fun and professional and give high quality patient care.”

~Kim S. 

“I have really enjoyed going to Aspen Family Chiropractic. Everyone there is always super friendly and helpful. Dr. Mandy is very talented at what she does and my back feels so much better with her help.”

~Allison M.  

“Since going to Aspen Family Chiropractic and seeing Dr. Mandy I have no more headaches.”

-Shawn F. 

“Going to Aspen Family Chiropractic has brought me numerous benefits. First and foremost it has brought me new friends who truly care about me and my family. Secondly, my weekly visits have relieved me of the persistent pain in my neck and left arm. That has allowed me to live a fuller and happier life!”

~Jon B. 

 “I am so glad my friends talked me into coming to Aspen Family Chiropractic, I think they were just tired of this old lady hobbling around with a cane!  They promised me that I would love Dr. Mandy and her crew–they were so RIGHT.  It was like coming to join a family where everyone is happy to see you (I love the hugs), to help you, to answer questions, anything to make you comfortable.  So now here I am four months later. still an old lady, but feeling younger, and I can walk without pain (no cane).  What a wonderful place, with wonderful people.”

~Pat B.

“I came into Aspen Family Chiropractic for a solution to my neck pain and subsequent headache problem.  Not only did I get excellent care and relief but I became part of a family.  I walk into the clinic and I am immediately  received as a close friend.  I also have received an education on a lot of physical aspects of my health that I didn’t realize I was in desperate need of.  I would recommend this clinic to anyone.  Thanks guys for all your help and support.”

~Russ S.

Since seeing Dr. Mandy my pain has decreased my pain and given me lots of energy!”

~Shirley A. 

“My experience here at Aspen Family Chiropractic has been outstanding! I have gone from not being able to hardly move to not having pain at all. All of the workers make me laugh an feel so much better. This whole entire experience has been life changing. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play soccer anymore, and Dr. Mandy prevented that from happening. Doing what you love is important and now that I can do those things I’m so much better! 

~DaiJane G. 

“Dr. Mandy’s office has been a perfect fit for me. I love the family atmosphere, everyone is made to feel at ease and comfortable. And I also really love the Doctor’s holistic approach to her practice.” 

~Mamie K. 

“I’m thankful for a healthier spine and great tips. I love knowing I can count on the wonderful staff to help me and answer my questions.”

~Jordan T. 

“I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy and birth of my 3rd child. As well as a better overall health (especially neck and lower back).”

~Beth B.