Anxiety and Depression is no longer just an “adult problem”, it is affecting children as young as 3 years old. We want you to know that Aspen Family Chiropractic is here for you. Anxiety is often a sign that the nervous system is struggling to adapt to the hectic environment around it. When this struggle continues over a long period of time the body tends to stay in what is called a “fight or flight” mode that is constantly trying to predict, protect, and defend. This state leads us to those constant “what if” scenarios that spiral into fear. This is our survival instinct. It can also lead to an increase in inflammation making irritation/lack of function/pain readily able to affect your day.

Our goal with chiropractic is to relieve the stress that is locked up within the spine and help your body to realize that it doesn’t have to be in survival mode anymore. We help your body get into what is called “rest and digest” mode. This mode helps you feel safe, secure, and able to heal. We know that physical health and mental health are deeply connected and that is why we have confidence that Chiropractic care can help you work through and regain control of your anxiety.

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