A baby will move into the ideal position for delivery with the head moving closer to the birth canal a few weeks before birth. But some babies will be in a breech presentation. This means the baby’s buttocks and feet are positioned to deliver first. While vaginal delivery with a breech baby is not out of the question, it does come with extra risk factors such as umbilical cord prolapse, baby’s head stuck in the birth canal, and a prolonged, difficult labor.

A baby can be in a breech position due to the position of mom’s uterus and pelvis. A mom’s reproductive system can be compared to a hot air balloon (don’t get mad, you’re beautiful, we’re not calling YOU a hot air balloon, just some of your organs). Your uterus is like the balloon itself, the ligaments are the strings and your pelvis is the basket. When your pelvis is in a non-ideal position, it pulls on the strings (ligaments) and that pulls on the balloon (uterus). Chiropractic care can put the sacrum and pelvis in a better position, decreasing stress on the soft tissues associated with the uterus.

Dr. Mandy is certified in the Webster Technique that is a specifically designed Chiropractic technique that helps settle the pelvis, allowing from proper movement that may contribute to baby presenting in a mal-presentation, and any other causes of dystocia (difficult labor). While receiving this adjustment late in pregnancy can be extremely helpful, the sooner you start in your pregnancy the better the results will be and easier to maintain.

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