Ear infections are a common issue for a lot of people, including children, around the change of the seasons. Our head contains many nooks and crannies including our ears, sinuses and mouth. These areas of the body are designed to produce fluid and then drain through the lymphatic system. However, if there is too much excess fluid or a clog in the lymphatic ‘drain’, the body can start to produce viruses and bacteria that lead to ear infections. Typical signs of ear infections include fever, ear pain and pressure, pulling at the ears, difficulty sleeping, swollen lymph nodes, and general fussiness.

So what can chiropractic do? We help with clearing stress in the upper neck. The neck controls the nerves to our head, ears, sinuses, mouth, immune system, and sleep centers. By making sure that everything is in line we ensure that there is less likelihood of a “clogged drain”, and once there is a clogged drain, chiropractic can help get that system flowing again by opening things up and allowing the body to heal itself.

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